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The Mariacka Tower Bugler – A legend from Krakow, Poland

Feb 13, 2019 | Students News

By Edyta Rudko-Iracka | Level 1

Many years ago, Polish lands were ravaged by the Tatars. Fear reigned over Krakow.

The legend I want to talk about is my favourite of many legends about my country. The protagonist is a brave guard from the Mariacka Tower in Krakow.

He talks about how, many years ago, Polish lands were ravaged by the Tatars. Fear reigned over Krakow. When news reached about the assaults on the nearby city- Sandomierz.

Very early in the morning, when the trumpeter from the Mariacka Tower was walking along the streets of Krakow to his post, he had a bad feeling. The whole city quietly slept. Suddenly he heard the noise and jumped to his feet. He looked around carefully and saw the whole hordes of soldiers approaching the gates of the city. The guard immediately played the bugle call. In the morning, the sound of the melody woke up the inhabitants.

The Krakow people understood that they were signalling danger and grabbed their arms. The struggle for the city and the melody of the Marion bugle were kicked out, encouraging people to fight. The Tatars finally saw who had warned the inhabitants and shots were coming in the direction of the trumpeter. The bugling stopped and silence fell over Krakow.

The trumpeter died from the Tatar arrow, not letting his trumpet out of his hand. The memory of his heroism is still alive and every day, to the four corners of the world the bugle call sounds from the Mariacka Tower, the same as several hundred years ago when an enemy arrow interrupted him.

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