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An introduction to this year’s trainee English teachers

Dec 18, 2018 | ODILS News, Students News

By Dawn Utku | ODILS

If your class is on Mondays you might meet, or even by taught by these lovely people, so here is a quick introduction.

I’m Roisin. I taught English as a teenager in Chile for 1 year and 23 years later I am learning again! I love meeting people from other cultures and have been hosting students from China, Spain, Germany and Switzerland in my home for 5 years now.  I am hoping to teach our guests English when I am qualified.  I live in Cornwall with my husband, two daughters, birds, cows and stars. I love reading, walking, bonfires, kite flying and talking with friends over a home-cooked meal.

My name is Dave and I am very excited to be on this course and even more excited to be teaching people to speak the English Language. I’m 26 years old, love Rugby, video games, live music and cooking. I am hoping to travel the world and learn about different cultures and see what there is out there. Please don’t hesitate to come and chat! Perhaps you could teach me something about your home nation because I would love to hear what you can tell me?!

I’m Clarisse and I am French. I am doing the CertTesol course because I aspire to be an Esol teacher and I would like to gain more skills and knowledge about the English language and the process behind teaching it as a second language. This also gives me an opportunity to relate to students whose English is not their first language as being a French speaker I can understand their experience of learning a new language. I am looking forward to meeting everyone at the school and I am very excited about the course.

My name is Kev. I am married, and a proud dad with two children who are both grown up now, and at university. In my free time, I love to be outdoors in the fresh air. My favourite things to do are lying on a beach, swimming in the sea, being on top of a mountain or walking on Dartmoor. I hate DIY, but I quite like cooking. I am looking forward to teaching my first class at ODILS. Before I started this course I taught teenagers in English secondary schools but I have never taught adults before. This will be a different experience for me, so I am a little bit nervous but excited to be doing something new and interesting.

My name is Rasha. I’m Syrian. I studied English literature at Damascus University. Then I worked as an English teacher in public schools. I am doing the Cert Tesol course to develop my language skills and learn different teaching methods and strategies. I love swimming, watching English movies and reading novels. I aspire to be a successful English teacher for non-native speakers.

This is Carmel. Unfortunately, she was sick this week so wasn’t able to write an introduction for you. Carmel is very friendly, so please say hello if you see her in school.

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