Cancellation, Changes and Refund Policy for General English, IELTS and B1 Preparation

  • Cancellation of Courses

If Open Doors must cancel a course we will tell you at least 1 week before the course starts.  If you have paid any money for your course we will give you a refund on your money.

If you decide you do not want to study at Open Doors anymore, speak to someone in reception.  If you are doing General English classes and you are registered for an exam we will ask you to come in for the exam.  We will try to arrange a time that is good for you.

  • Changes to classes

If we need to change your class we will talk to you about it.  We will tell you which classes we have available for you and help you chose one that is good for you.

If you want to change your class because you can’t make the day or time we will do everything we can to help you.  If we don’t have any classes available we will write down your name and telephone number and call you when a space becomes free.

If you want to change your class because it is too easy or too hard for you, we will talk to your teacher and ask you to do an assessment.  We will decide if moving you to a class of a different level is a good idea and talk to you about it.  We will talk to you about the classes we have available and help you decide which class is best.  If we decide not to move you, we will explain why we don’t think it is a good idea.

  • Refunds

We will offer refunds to students who leave a course BEFORE it starts or within the first week of class.  Speak to Ali Howard in Reception to arrange this.

But, once you have enrolled on a course we can’t give refunds.  This is because we will still have to pay the costs of your course.

If you would like these policies for the Cert TESOL, Dip TESOL or Interpreters, please see the course contracts.

For more information please email:

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