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Digital Leadership Course for Social Enterprises

Dec 18, 2018 | Industry News, ODILS News

By Rae Holmes | ODILS

A FREE learning programme for Social Enterprise leaders delivered by Cosmic

Our CEO, Cassie Roberts, recently attended a series of sessions lead by Devonshire ethical IT business, Cosmic. Having felt the impact and spark ignited by the course, she wanted to share the success of this Digital Leadership Programme with others.

The course markets itself as, “Making Social Enterprises resilient for the 21st Century” and is a free learning programme for social enterprise leaders (should your organisation be eligible).

To discuss your eligibility and sign up for a limited space, contact Helen Vines at Cosmic:
03300 883005

The course is primarily aimed at established social enterprises and seeks to develop digital skill-sets to further an organisations growth and success. In the digital age, there is a constant need to improve your knowledge base and stay up-to-speed with trends and movements within the digital sphere. 

The Digital Leadership Programme offered by Cosmic focuses on 4 important areas of study:

  • Digital Vision
  • Digital Operations
  • Digital Roadmaps
  • Digital Mindsets

Attending the course over 5, half-day, training periods will enable you to grasp the disciplines at work within these areas. 

The outcomes of the programme seek to grow knowledge and enable implementation in the following areas:

Master their digital vision and roadmap for their business

Develop digital attitudes and culture within their organisation

Explore digital solutions to social needs, increasing social impact

To find out more information about the course, please download the Digital Leadership Programme leaflet above or visit Cosmic via their website.

Restore language support for UK driving test candidates

In 2014, after a deeply flawed public consultation, the Government withdrew the 'language support' that could be used by speakers of other languages to assist them in undertaking the UK driving test. All parts of the test, including the theory test, must now be undertaken in English (or Welsh). This has disenfranchised many migrants who have settled in the UK following the policy change, and in particular, the cohort of refugees resettling here under the ‘vulnerable persons resettlement scheme’ from 2015 onwards. It is holding back experienced drivers from working and preventing aspirant drivers, particularly women, from moving forward in their lives. Please sign the petition and support the campaign to get the Transport Select Committee to review the policy changes as was promised by the minister for January 2019 when the change was enacted. 

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