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The LCTL diploma TESOL is a Masters degree level qualification, level 7 in Further Education. The course aims to broaden and deepen your knowledge of teaching, both theoretical and applied. At the end of the course, you will be able to support your learners more effectively as well as being better equipped to take on management, mentoring and teacher training roles. This is an online course. Face-to-face input will take place during your observed and assessed teaching sessions and during tutorials. We recognise that online at work can be challenging and time consuming, and we do our best to minimise any disruption to your learning by responding to questions and problems as quickly as possible. The online modules have been included in recognition of the changing face of education worldwide and the experience that you will gain with us in using an online learning environment, trying out different web applications, engaging in forum discussions and so on, will give you a significant advantage in the employment market.

Aims and objectives

  • To enhance teachers’ knowledge of contextual issues concerning the teaching of English to speakers of other languages.
  • To refine and extend candidates’ ability to employ a variety of practical skills.
  • To develop knowledge and skills to a point where teachers become effective practitioners in a range of known and unpredicted TESOL teaching situations.
  • To extend motivation and inform strategies for continuing professional development.
  • To contribute to the development of TESOL as a mature, qualified and regulated professional and act as a benchmark for employers and others with concern for the quality of TESOL.

Course content

Unit 1 – Written Paper (3 hours – externally assesd)

Section 1: Language – 4 short questions (choice of 5) Section 2: Learning and teaching: One essay (choice of 3 questions) Section 3: Professional development: One essay (choice of 3 questions)

Unit 2 – Coursework Portfolio (Internally assessed and externally moderated)

Section 1: Observation Instrument(s): Rationale and evaluation of use in a minimum of 6 hours (up to 10 hours) compulsory observation.                   Section 2: Personal Development Record: Based on a minimum of 10 hours (of 15 hours) compulsory teaching Section 3: Independent Research Project.

Unit 3 – Interview (30 minutes) Externally assessed

Section 1: Talk on prepared topic and discussion (10 minutes). The interview will have a phonological focus. Section 2: Phonemic transcription (5 minutes) Section 3: Discussion on topics concerning aspects of theory and practice (15 minutes)

Unit 4 – Classroom teaching (Internally and externally assessed)

Section 1: Internally assessed: Planning, Teaching, Lesson evaluation (4 x 1 hour lessons) Section 2: Externally assessed: Planning 20 minutes of which 10 minutes discussion with the candidate. Teaching ( 60 minutes). Lesson Evaluation (20 minutes discussion with candidate. Section 3: Internally assessed and externally moderated teaching journal based on assessed lessons in section 1.

Please also have a look at Trinity College website for more information about the Diploma TESOL

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