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Discover Plymouth – Britain’s Ocean City

Feb 13, 2019 | Students News

By Lubna Dirgham | Level 1

Plymouth was bombed during the Second World War in what is called the Plymouth Blitz.

Plymouth Geography

Plymouth is a port city located in the south-east of Devon, England. It is called Britain’s Ocean City. Enclosing the city are the mouths of the rivers Plym and Tamar.

It has 5 urban districts: 



East Stonehouse



What to do and where to go:

This depends on whether you visit Plymouth as a tourist, or to live there permanently.


Plymouth was bombed during the Second World War in what is called the Plymouth Blitz. After the war, the city center was completely rebuilt. There are many buildings in the city were built to memorise the killed soldiers.

Also, every year on 11th November the people in Plymouth and in the whole UK wear artificial poppies as a symbol to memorise those who have been killed during the 1st and 2nd war.

If you are a tourist, my suggestion will be to get accommodation near the city centre to be close to the shops, the restaurants, Drake Circus Mall, The Hoe and the Barbican area. You will enjoy the shopping, visiting cinemas and picnicking in the parks.

If you are planning to live permanently in Plymouth you can get accommodation in one of the 5 districts. You can use the bus to get access to your workplace or your car, if you have one.

If you are a student, you will find many course options to choose in the Plymouth University.

For me, I think Plymouth is a safe place to live in with my kids. I like the people here. They are friendly and polite. The city is quiet but needs more shops in each district.

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