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Lloyds Bank Foundation Success Story In Plymouth

Jan 17, 2019 | Industry News, ODILS News

By Rae Holmes | ODILS

Our turnover was £7,000 p/a and now it’s £416,000 p/a – we’ve grown enormously!

ODILS is featured as a success story this month on the Lloyds Bank Foundation website.

We’d love you to hop-on-over to their website to read the full article but we wanted to give our own little shout-out also because we’ve come a long way! 

Our CEO, Cassie Roberts, talks to the Lloyds Bank Foundation about how Plymouth-based ODILS (Open Doors International Language School) began and grew into the charity it is today.

Right from the start, Lloyds Bank Foundation has shared the understanding and objectives that ODILS set out to achieve and bring to their local community in the South West. 

As a charity, ODILS supports refugees and asylum seekers in the Plymouth area. We provide accessible education which gives people the opportunity to gain qualifications and employment skills that are essential for integration into our communities.

If you would like to find out more or you know someone who would benefit from our support, please get in touch with us. Hop across to our contact page – give us call, send an email, or just pop by!

Funders, such as Lloyds Bank Foundation, who understand our desire to equip and empower others through education are vital to our growth and sustainability. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Lloyds Bank Foundation and all our other partners and supporters for your continued commitment to our success. The story continues… 

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