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Mother’s Day in Syria

Apr 15, 2019 | ODILS News, Students News

By Rana Shamel | ODILS Student

We must not stop trusting in humanity, nor stop trying to help those who need our help now more than ever.

My mother… what a beautiful word that plays the most beautiful of tenderness and love. Its thin letters embody the highest meanings of tranquility. A word that has an impact that draws the smile and joy on my face. You’re my homeland, my dwelling and my freedom in this life. The most beautiful, without you I’m nothing but a stranger without a homeland or identity.

One day is not enough to express to you my love, gratitude and appreciation. You’re a blessing from God given to portray the meaning of true love. In this day my love, I wish with all my heart that the light will illuminate through your home and keep your family happy. I’m honored to be your daughter, you give me a sincere smile to forget all my negatives.

In the 21st of March, the earth proclaims the birth of the spring and the birth of joy. It’s no coincidence that this day is a day to celebrate the mother. The mother is the spring, the life, the beginning of all. The mother is the closest creature and the most benevolent, loving tender and sacrificing. It melts like a candle illuminating the path of others with the light of life.

We will never give up, lose faith in our Syria. Drawing strength from our unity in hopes on working towards a future where Syria is free returned to its true originality. We must not stop trusting in humanity, nor stop trying to help those who need our help now more than ever.

Syrians celebrate Mother’s Day on the 21st of March. It falls just one week after the eighth-year anniversary of Syria’s constant violence cause by its civil war.

Countless women and children have been killed. Young girls were sold into sexual slavery and those women too old to be of sexual value were shot. Mothers have lost their children to horrific acts.

Being a Syrian mother today is tough to say the least. Being thankful for not losing any of their beloved kids. The thought of not being able to protect, feed and supply them with education and medicine is a feeling Syrian mother aren’t shy from they experience this daily alongside plenty of mothers across the globe every morning. Mothers don’t break no matter the circumstance they’re prepared to give their life to save their kids.

I hope the war in Syria will end soon and peace will prevail. Syrian women are life savers, paramedics, media activists, and mothers who have lost their home, husbands and children.

Despite all that Syrian mothers never lost their courage or hope.

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