Multicultural Craft and Conversation Mornings in Plymouth

Apr 15, 2019 | Community Outreach, Events, ODILS News

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Do you enjoy painting, embroidery, basketwork, weaving, henna designs, knitting, crochet, calligraphy, jewellery or bag making? Come join us!

Starts Monday 4th March

Drawing together ladies from different cultural traditions

Craft and Conversation

Every Monday Morning 10 to 12 at the Oasis Project

For ladies who are new to this country with English as a second language

An opportunity to:

Share a love of crafts

Inspire each other

Talk over coffee

Build friendship and community

You can find out more about Oasis here: http://oasisproject.co.uk

28 Manor Street

Restore language support for UK driving test candidates

In 2014, after a deeply flawed public consultation, the Government withdrew the 'language support' that could be used by speakers of other languages to assist them in undertaking the UK driving test. All parts of the test, including the theory test, must now be undertaken in English (or Welsh). This has disenfranchised many migrants who have settled in the UK following the policy change, and in particular, the cohort of refugees resettling here under the ‘vulnerable persons resettlement scheme’ from 2015 onwards. It is holding back experienced drivers from working and preventing aspirant drivers, particularly women, from moving forward in their lives. Please sign the petition and support the campaign to get the Transport Select Committee to review the policy changes as was promised by the minister for January 2019 when the change was enacted. 

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