Positive People Graduation Day!

Apr 16, 2019 | ODILS News, Students News

By Jo Pickering | Postive People (ODILS)

The last day of the course, our students hosted a graduation event to celebrate their amazing achievements throughout the project

On Thursday 28th March our latest Positive People course came to an end.  The students completed 12 weeks of extra classes that aimed to help them improve their English, IT and jobs skills.  Paul also took the students to various visits in Plymouth including to Dartmouth Foods, Plymouth College of Art, a bike ride up to Clearbrook, Mount Edgecumbe, Mount Batten, and a local building site. 

Positive People Students, in their own words…

“It is a positive word sense, we learned a lot of new words. I met new people and enjoyed the fun times. I learned new words. Learn how to search for a job. It was a fun feeling full of fun and laughter. Volunteer work on Monday, Encourage me to talk to new people. Go for many beautiful places. We went on the new construction and got to know all the jobs there. Thank so much Paul  Jo Sara and Nick.”


“It is positive in sense of the word. It is fantastic and I’ve benefited from many things. I learned a lot from them. l met new friends and we were all helpful. I like my college. I am happy in this job and learned new things. Jennycliff Mountbatten it’s very nice place. I enjoyed this trip a lot. Thanks Teachers all.


“I found the course very helpful and beneficial for me, I would like to say that I learned English and I had practice at speaking as well. Also, I learned computer skills and about English history, I have visited lovely places. I made job applications and improved my CV. I learned skills for job applications, and about apprenticeships. In addition to this, I have received a lot of help from teachers and I had lots of amazing laugh. I also went on a bicycle ride with Paul and some other students, and it was fantastic. Paul has promised us he will take us out again and I am waiting for that day. I feel sorry the course is coming to an end, but I have amazing memories. I met different people from many countries and they are now good friends. I will miss the course a lot. In my opinion, the Postive People course is a great opportunity for people like me. I would like to say thank you to my teachers for being supportive, helpful and nice.”


“This course is great teachers is good ever one is friendly I make some new friends  I come Positive Course and improved my English I learn more new  words I visited Plymouth College of art I like this visited I like printed textile Design and Surface pattern better then factory   this Course finish is 28 march I am not happy this is  12 weeks Course  is not enough more then 12 weeks is good this Course is Helpful how to find a job. how to make a cv and visited new place thanks  Paul and Jo.”


“Positive People it’s good project because can you learn more everything about: *how can you get job, *computer *make friends, *visiting new place in Plymouth. I am little bit more confident with myself. I am better now at using my laptop and my phone. It was an interesting project for my. We get same experience from Charity Shop , I visited College Art, Food Factory, Mayflowers, Mountbatten, Jennycliff. Thank you Positive People Staff and teacher PAUL ,NICK, JOO ,SARAH I feel very well in this course.”


“This course is very useful. I learned more things about jobs, ICT and now I know new places around Plymouth. I feel very good this course created an ambition in me and I am hopeful about my future. I enjoyed all programs on this course especially when we visited different places: Mount Edgecumbe, Jennycliff, Mountbatten, The Mayflower Museum, Dartmouth Foods. Finally, I want say thanks to everyone responsible for this course.”                                                                                                                         


The last day of the course, our students hosted a graduation event to celebrate their amazing achievements throughout the project.  They invited their friends, family and the project managers at PLUSS.  We had a wonderful afternoon with a sit-down buffet and food that covered four tables!  We had dishes from Afghanistan, Brazil, Romania, Bangladesh, and even some Sudanese coffee!

We are so proud of everything the students achieved during the course and we can’t wait to see what will be in store for them next!

‘Positive People offers a lifeline to build hope, confidence, and skills for people not in work.  It is funded by the European Social Fund and The National Lottery Community Fund.’

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