A Masters degree level qualification in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

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About the course

The LCTL diploma TESOL is a Masters degree level qualification in Further Education (Level 7) in Further Education. The course aims to broaden and deepen your knowledge of teaching, both theoretical and in practice. By the end of the course you will not only be able to better support your learners, but you’ll become better equipped to take on management, mentoring and teacher training roles.

This is an online course. Face-to-face input will take place during your observed and assessed teaching sessions, as well as in tutorials.  The online modules aim to reflect the changing nature of education worldwide and give you hands on practice using a variety of applications, discussion forums and an online learning environment.  This will give you a significant advantage in the employment market.

Although we recognise the benefits of working online, we understand that it can also cause frustrations when questions arise.  As a result, we do our best to respond to your queries and problems as quickly as possible.

The online modules have been included in recognition of the changing face of education worldwide and the experience that you will gain with us in using an online learning environment, trying out different web applications, engaging in forum discussions and so on, will give you a significant advantage in the employment market.

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