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The Legend of Saint Nicholas

Dec 17, 2018 | ODILS News, Students News

By Alexandra Geanina Cercel | Level 1

There was once a legend that says about a good person. He came from a wealthy family and his name’s Saint Nicholas. After the death of his parents, he inherited all the fortune. Nicholas used the wealth to help poor and good people.

This legend became so famous, from a story about three poor girls. The father of these girls decided to sell the girls to get rid of poverty.

The Story of St Nicholas: Giving Dowry to Three Poor Girls
Fra Angelico (circa 1395 –1455)

The girls cried and begged him a lot not to do that, but the father didn’t listen to them. He was so tired of poverty that he was determined to sell his daughters for their dowry. Saint Nicholas heard the story and decided to help the girls. How the legend says, Saint Nicholas went to the house of the needy family and he threw a bag with gold money into the house. 

When the family found the money, a big happiness started to develop their house. But now they asked who was that kind person who helped them. The father followed the person and stopped him. And then he saw it was Saint Nicholas. The father was so impressed that he couldn’t keep the promise not to tell anybody and he told to everybody what happened. After that, everybody knows who helped them with clothes, food, and money.

So, that’s why Saint Nicholas become so popular and everybody loves him. He loved so many children than people made a custom in his memory to offer gifts children stealthily in the night between 5-6 December on the socks or boots.

A gift for good children and a stick for bad children. The stick represent the cane of Saint Nicholas. In Romania this custom is our tradition and everybody does that.

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