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The meaning of life is hidden in your eyes

Dec 17, 2018 | Students News

By Armeen | Level 1

Sarah’s Level 1 class has been thinking about traditional stories. Here is one, chosen and written in English by Armeen.

Last year I read this story. It was very interesting.

In a former time a man is obsessed with the meaning of life. No answers were enough for him and he decided to ask others. But he always said that he must have an answer and he decided to go around and ask everyone about it. The village, the town and country, while time didn’t stop of course.

The people he talked to in a village asked him

“Do you see those opposite mountains? The old wise man lives there. Go and ask him, maybe he can give you the answer.”

After a difficult journey, he arrived at the house where the wise old man lived. He asked the man “What is the meaning of life?” The wise man said, “I will answer your question but you have to pass my exam first.”

The man accepted. He was given a teaspoon of olive oil and asked to go out and walk around the garden, and come back without spilling the olive oil. He did this, and when he came back the wise man asked him how the view of the garden was. 

He said, “I didn’t see anywhere because I was concentrating on my olive oil.”

The wise man sent him back again to walk around the garden without spilling the olive oil. He went to the garden. When he came back the wise man asked him how the view was of the garden. He said it was amazing. The wise man smiled, “but there is no olive oil in your hand.”

Life gains meaning through your eyes. Either you just see a part and your life flows away but you don’t notice it, or you can live your life with a lot of beauty. The meaning of life is hidden in your eyes.

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