Meet Our Team

Cassie Roberts

Chief Executive

Welcome to Open Doors International Language School (ODILS).

I am Cassie Roberts, the Chief Executive and one of the co-founders of Open Doors International Language School. We started the Charity in 2001 because we believe that language plays a vital part in enabling new communities to integrate and contribute to the wider community.

To be able to communicate well in English is essential both for those who have come to make the UK their home and for those who want to foster their international career prospects. We therefore set out to provide a high standard of delivery within a caring family environment, where we recognise individuals’ needs and aspirations and encourage students to take hold of every opportunity offered in the UK.

We invite you to come and study English with us or train to teach English or to be an interpreter in the beautiful city of Plymouth and join the ODILS community. 

About our Staff

Our teachers teach across 3 departments: government funded, private and community learning.

The qualified team meets the requirements of the British Council and Ofsted.

Our staff is international, coming from a variety of backgrounds and bringing a wide variety of experience to the teaching team. Our teachers are well supported by our invaluable volunteers in the classroom.

The academic management team are qualified to Level 7 or equivalent.

Come to ODILS to meet us all in person!

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