Community Interpreters

About the course

The level 3 certificate in Community Interpreting is design to improve your skills in interpreting two ways and to develop your performance as in interpreter. You will learn about legal requirements, working in settings and supporting interpretations through sight translation.

Course Information

Course Title: Level 3 Certificate in Community Interpreting

Awarding body: Ascentis

Previous knowledge: Equivalent of Level 2 English, very good knowledge of other language

Some experience of interpreting, either voluntary or professional

The level of English will be evaluated during the interview in reading, writing and speaking. The level of the OL (=other language) will be assessed through the evaluation of the background and through a language assessor at a later stage.

Who is this course for?

It is aimed at speakers of other languages with a good level of English to enable them to support communication between members of ethnic communities and the public services in the UK.

Possible progression:

Level 4 Certificate in Community Interpreting

DPSI Diploma in Public Service Interpreting

Course Overview

Course Modules

Course objectives:

The course objectives are for the participants to develop and evaluate their performance, to understand the protocols of the public service and to know how to perform as a professional interpreter in a community setting.

Teaching methods used in the course:

Lecture, group- and pairwork, research on the internet, use of virtual learning platform moodle, student presentations.


– Ongoing assessment by tutor and peers
– Portfolio of evidence assessed by tutor and monitored by external assessor
– Practical performances (role play and sight translation)
– Assessment through language assessor
– Production of a suitable glossary

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